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Wills and addressing undue influence

On this blog, we have covered many of the reasons why wills may be disputed, from wills that have been lost to insufficient mental capacity. However, undue influence is another reason why wills are disputed. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, our Queens law firm can sympathize with families who are going through a bitter will dispute. Sadly, disagreements over a will can make life even harder for those who are already dealing with strong emotions after their loved one passed away.

Ensuring your will is valid

if you are preparing to create a will, you could have a myriad of uncertainties and may be stressed out. However, you could find peace of mind and put your concerns to ease by making sure that you work through the process of setting up a will appropriately. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, our New York law firm knows how important it is for people who draft wills to make sure that the wills are valid.

Executors, wills and warning signs

If you have been named as an estate's beneficiary, you may have an assortment of questions related to wills. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, our law firm knows that it can be difficult for beneficiaries to have a firm grasp of their rights, especially for those who are not very familiar with the relevant laws related to an estate. Unfortunately, in Jamaica, and in other New York cities, executors do not always act in good faith. As a result, beneficiaries should keep an eye out for any red flags that an executor is not remaining honest with regard to his or her fiduciary duties.

Reviewing other sources of will disputes

On this blog, we have covered many of the different factors that can play a role in will disputes, such as undue influence. However, it is important to keep in mind that will disputes have many other sources, especially if you are an executor or are a beneficiary who is concerned that assets are not being distributed properly. The New York law firm of Joseph A. Ledwidge understands how frustrating and complex these issues can be for beneficiaries and entire families in Jamaica, and other cities in the Empire State.

What are fiduciary duties?

If you have been named the executor or administrator of an estate, you may have a number of questions concerning your responsibilities and handling estate matters. It is crucial to recognize your responsibilities and key terms, such as your fiduciary duties. In Jamaica, New York, and all over the U.S., handling estate issues can be stressful. However, by familiarizing yourself with the process, you may be able to avoid complications or handle problems, such as a will dispute, appropriately.

3 things to know about contesting a will in New York

Contesting a will is something you may need to do if your parent passes away and everything isn't as you expected. For instance, if you had previously been the main heir to your parent's estate and now it's going to someone outside the family, that could draw some red flags. If you're not sure that the will was changed appropriately, you can contest it. Here are a few things you need to know.

Mickey Rooney's wife is contesting his estate

Mickey Rooney was a beloved American actor, famous for his roles on television and Broadway, as well as movie roles, including being the voice of Santa Claus. He was also a father and a husband, as well as a man with a gambling problem for much of his later life.

Handling breach of fiduciary duty allegations

If you are the administrator or executor of an estate, you may have all sorts of responsibilities, challenges and concerns, such as ensuring that assets are correctly distributed to beneficiaries. However, if you are facing accusations related to breach of your fiduciary duties, you could find yourself in court and may face harsh consequences. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C., we know firsthand how troubling these allegations can be for executors in Jamaica, and other parts of New York.

Taking a look at undue influence

Whether an executor fails to carry out their duties or beneficiaries suspect fraud, there are many reasons why people choose to contest a will. However, it is especially important to develop an understanding of undue influence and how people are manipulated when creating a will. In Jamaica, and cities throughout the entire state of New York, families who suspect that a loved one was under coercion at the time they signed the will should examine all of their options.

Having an executor removed

When it comes to removing executors from estates, there are many issues that those involved may have to consider. For example, you may be listed as a beneficiary and feel that the executor is not performing his or her responsibilities properly. Or, perhaps you have been named an executor and are being falsely accused of wrongdoing. The law offices of Joseph A. Ledwidge recognizes the various challenges that people face over the removal of an executor in Jamaica, and the rest of New York.