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Celebrities offer do's and don'ts of estate planning

Many of the estate planning stories we end up reading about are regarding celebrities. In many cases, this is because celebrities have large estates by virtue of successful careers in the entertainment industry. Wealthy celebrities might also have a large circle of friends and associates -- many of whom might be expecting a piece of the estate for themselves.

Trustee allegedly steals $18,000 from sale of house in estate

One of the most important considerations that a person going through the estate planning process can make is the naming of a trustee of their estate. There are several options available to New Yorkers who are working on this process. It may be that someone is most comfortable having a family member named as the trustee; others prefer someone outside the family entirely to perform trust administration duties.

Estate planning in New York affects the future of one's assets

With spring around the corner, people usually are thinking of warm weather and growing plants -- things that remind them of the renewal of life. Death is the last thing people typically want to ponder at this time of year, or really any time of the year in New York. However, failure to engage in estate planning means that a person will not be able to dictate how his or her assets are passed down in the future when he or she dies.

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