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June 2014 Archives

New York man dies, leaving $40 million unclaimed

Officials are still searching for an heir after a 97-year-old man died, leaving behind a fortune of $40 million and no will. The elderly millionaire from Staten Island died in 2012. Since then, hundreds of people, mostly from Europe, have tried to cash in on the fortune by sending letters with sorrowful stories, family trees and photos.

Probate process for wills in New York can be difficult, confusing

When a New York resident dies without having a will, the process of distributing the estate is taken out of the hands of the people who have a vested interest and thrown into probate. It may be that people who expected to receive a large inheritence end up with nothing because of the lack of a will being drawn up.

Divorced parents battle in court over what to do with son's ashes

People in Queens might not stop to consider what will happen with their affairs after their death. This is perhaps especially true with younger people, who might think that having a will is not necessary because of their relative youth. If they do pass away without a will, known as intestacy, then their affairs are at the mercy of a court, rather than their own wishes.

Long after his death, James Brown's estate still in dispute

There are countless examples of how a poorly worded or ambiguous will can lead to battles among heirs -- even for years after a person's death. If some parties think that the trust assets are not being appropriately handled, then the case could be tied up in case for years. In some cases, however, some of those assets might already be more or less gone.

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