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Contesting a will over duress

There are different reasons people decide to contest wills, which we have addressed on this blog. For example, some people may believe that a will is not valid or that an executor has not distributed assets appropriately. Our law firm also knows that some wills are contested over allegations that a decedent was under duress when creating their will. Whether you are fighting untrue allegations that a will is not valid for this reason or you believe that your loved one was under duress when working on their will, it is vital to stand firm for your rights.

Tips to avoid probate and challenges as an executor of an estate

Being the executor of an estate is often a thankless job. The person whose estate you are handling, the testator, may have included a provision for financial compensation for your efforts. When you consider the stress, work and strain on relationships that can result from handling an estate, however, the amount may not seem like enough. Sometimes, being an executor results in no compensation whatsoever.

What is intestacy and how could it affect my estate?

If you do not have an estate plan in place, you could have a wide range of questions, whether you are unable to decide between setting up a trust or will or have uncertainty involving another facet of the estate process. Moreover, you may be unsure about certain key terms, such as intestacy, which could be very important to understand, depending on your circumstances. It is essential to know how much of an impact estate plans (or the lack thereof) can affect families across all of New York and the importance of reviewing these issues carefully.

Grounds for contesting a will

While a will may seem like the final say if your loved one in New York has passed away, the truth is that there can be many mistakes made during the writing and developing that can render the agreement invalid. If you believe that this has happened to you, we at Joseph A. Ledgwidge can represent you as you contest the will.

Disinheriting your kids? Don't leave room for disputes

Last month, iconic comedian Jerry Lewis passed away at the age of 91. As is often the case when it comes to high-profile celebrities and entertainers, his death made national headlines and many people were saddened by his passing. However, his six children may feel something other than sadness, as it was recently revealed that Lewis explicitly excluded them from being beneficiaries of his estate.

Working through a trust contest

On this blog, we have covered a number of topics related to will contests. However, it is important to point out that trust contests also arise and can create serious challenges. If you are dealing with a trust contest, you could be facing various issues. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C., our law firm is very familiar with the emotional strain that trust contests can generate and we know how vital it is for people who live in Jamaica and other areas of New York to do what they can to resolve these matters efficiently, if possible.

Working through the will contest process properly

Unfortunately, there are times when contesting a will becomes necessary. We have covered different reasons for will contests on this blog, such as undue influence. At the same time, Joseph A. Ledwidge also understands that there may be instances where a will is contested on false grounds. Regardless of the nature of your circumstances, it is pivotal for you to work through the will contest process appropriately. For families in Jamaica and all other New York cities, the outcome of a will contest can have a major impact on beneficiaries and even relationships between loved ones, which underlines how pivotal it is to carefully approach this situation.

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